Fence Panel Security Brackets for 4x4 inch Concrete or Wooden Posts Including Screws


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These brackets fit around the concrete or wooden post and screw into the fence panels fixing them in place. This prevents anyone from lifting and removing a fence panel to gain access to your property.
Use these brackets to have peace of mind that your fence panels will stay in place.


Not only do these brackets secure your fence panels to the posts, but they also prevent the rattling that occurs in between the fence panels and post’s grooves in windy conditions. A great solution to windy weather.


The brackets will fit standard 4×4 inch (100 x 100 mm) slotted or solid posts; make sure to measure each of your posts to ascertain the brackets will fit and then simply attach them with the included screws.
It is recommended that 2 brackets are used per post, one near the top and one near the bottom.


Made from 1.5mm weatherproof zinc plates steel designed to resist corrosion and rust.
This thickness provides flexibility to bend the brackets to your specific needs, which means you can put a new bend in them where it suits you and fit them snugly on the posts.

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