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We can cut your material to size to save you time and money, we can mitre cut upto 60 degrees. All RSJ’s and solid bars also cut.

Send us a drawing and we will work out the best way to cut the material to save you money on waste. We will cut upto 10 cuts for free per order and we only charge 50p per cut after.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can mitre cut upto 60 degrees.

Order your material to the nearest metre, during checkout you can leave a note on how you would like your material cut.

Your first 10 cuts are free, if you need more than this cutting, please get in touch with us so we can discuss what you would like. we may be able to save you money by strategically cutting.

Yes we can cut all RSJ’s and drill holes for mounting.

Yes, you get 10 free cuts per order.


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